Saturday 02/January/2016 16:55 PM

Severe flooding in Missouri

Severe flooding damages homes and properties in parts of the Midwest in the United States.

Saturday 02/January/2016 16:39 PM

Evacuation in Ramadi, Iraq

As Iraqi troops secure the center of shattered Ramadi, traumatised families scramble from the rubble, telling of summary executions by IS militants.

Friday 01/January/2016 16:18 PM

Dramatic fire rescue

Dashboard camera footage catches the dramatic rescue in rural York, Pennsylvania as a volunteer fire chief pulls a man out of a burning car.

Friday 01/January/2016 15:59 PM

Mexican volcano erupts

Mexico's Colima or 'Fire' Volcano spewed columns of gas and ash three times into the sky between December 30 and December 31, 2016.