Royal Academy of Management launches National Leadership Programme Etimad

Oman Tuesday 11/June/2024 15:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Academy of Management launches National Leadership Programme Etimad

Muscat: Continuing its commitment to nurturing promising national leaders who will shape the future in alignment with Oman Vision 2040, the Royal Academy of Management launched a new version of the National Leadership Programme for the Omani Middle Management in the Private Sector Etimad.

The programme is being implemented in partnership with Emeritus and in collaboration with Columbia Business School, Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth, and MIT Management Executive Education.

The programme serves as a testament to the Academy’s dedication to empowering middle leaders and cultivating their abilities to foster excellence in performance. Its mission extends beyond mere goal achievement, seeking to revolutionise management in line with evolving market trends, future prospects, and rapid transformations.

Through collaboration with esteemed national and international experts, the programme embraces the finest global practices, enriching its framework with invaluable insights and innovative approaches.

This year the programme will welcome 202 participants from diverse private sector and entrepreneurial backgrounds, organised into two cohorts.

Over the span of 7 months, participants will embark on an enriching journey consisting of four comprehensive learning units. These units will encompass specialised orientation sessions, interactive simulation workshops, and valuable insights into emerging trends.

Furthermore, participants will actively participate in meet-the-leader sessions, collaborative learning projects, and engaging virtual modules.

The programme’s curriculum is designed to enhance participants’ proficiencies across various domains, including digital business strategies, financial statement analysis, creative problem-solving, leadership at both individual and organisational levels, as well as innovation and change management.

Dr.Yasmeen Al Bulushi, Head of Center of Leadership Development, emphasised that the Etimad programme has epitomised exemplary models of Omani leadership.

Throughout its previous cohorts, the programme has served as a cornerstone in empowering national leaders with renewed competencies within an integrated institutional framework. This framework not only amplifies the capabilities of the participants but also equips them with a profound sense of efficiency and leadership to navigate through dynamic changes.”

She remarked, “The Etimad programme stands at the forefront of investing in and cultivating national competencies, aiming to equip individuals to lead the private sector and contribute to the Omani market with adept leaders for the evolving economy.” She underscored the programme's unique training components, encompassing both in-person and remote learning units, group projects, leadership camps, and development circles.

The programme targets employees with intermediate leadership experience, specifically those who have managed departments or teams in the private sector.

From over 3,400 applicants, participants were selected through a rigorous multi-stage process. Initially, they underwent tests assessing their knowledge and skills in various administrative and practical domains, including English language proficiency, cognitive abilities, leadership scenarios, and a personal questionnaire. Successful candidates advance to a series of interviews, marking the pivotal stage in the selection process.

Etimad has left a remarkable imprint on the local context by equipping a multitude of participants from private institutions and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Their contributions have elevated the management standards of various development and economic projects across the Sultanate of Oman, directly advancing the objectives of Oman Vision 2040. This noteworthy achievement underscores the programme's efficacy in nurturing talent that serves as a catalyst for Oman’s economic progress and development.