Information ministers’ council discusses media support for Palestinians cause

Oman Wednesday 29/May/2024 21:44 PM

Manama : Represented by the Ministry of Information, the Sultanate of Oman took part in the 54th session of the Arab Information Ministers Council. The meeting was held in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain on Wednesday.

Oman’s delegation at the meeting was headed by Dr. Abdullah Nasser Al Harrasi, Minister of Information.

The Council discussed media support for the Palestinian cause and the use of modern technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) in the Arab media.

It also studied the recommendations of the Arab Committee for Electronic Media. The meeting looked into the implementation of an interim plan for the realisation of a joint Arab media strategy to combat terrorism.

The ministers also discussed steps to finalise negotiations with international media companies, the dissemination of a media culture focusing on the environment and the consolidation of the role of Arab women in the media sector.

The Arab Information Ministers Council commended the efforts made by Arab media organisations as they covered the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and other Palestinian territories.

They valued the Arab media’s documentation of the crimes committed by the occupation forces against defenceless civilians, including media and medical teams.

The Council approved recommendations issued at the 5th meeting of the group of experts entrusted with evaluating and updating the Arab media action plan.

The ministers supported the Arab League (AL) Secretariat-General’s assigning AL missions to continue media coverage of the Palestinian cause abroad, notably through media forums and conferences to confront stereotypes staged against Arabs and Muslims.

The Council also approved the compilation of a documentary film titled “The Arab League’s Journey to Destiny”. The documentary, circulated to the Arab League’s centres and missions abroad, was propagated via the AL websites and social media platforms.

It was agreed that the 100th regular session of the Permanent Committee for Arab Media be named “Martyrs of Gaza and the Palestinian Media.”

The Arab Information Ministers Council reviewed the development of media education programmes to encourage young people to produce content that focuses on issues of sustainable development, awareness about environmental risks and developmental problems.

The content is envisaged to be compiled in partnership with official establishments and civil society organisations.

It was also agreed to allocate a theme titled “Crisis, Disaster and Risk Media” in the current session of the Council, and to encourage the use of AI in producing purposeful media content.