One year imprisonment, fine for 'Midnight Thief'

Oman Thursday 16/May/2024 11:43 AM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: One year imprisonment and a fine of OMR 300 has been imposed on a person accused for committing thefts at night in homes. Six rulings have also been accused against him.

The Public Prosecution in its statement stated that the investigations began after Bahla Police Station received reports from multiple victims stating their homes had been broken into at night. The burglar used a consistent method, entering the courtyards and using an iron tool to remove doors in order to access the homes and steal items.

After investigating the cases, the Public Prosecution referred the accused to the court.

The Supreme Judicial Council of Public Prosecution published in its official account: “The Nizwa Court of Appeal (Misdemeanor Appeals Division) upheld six rulings issued by the Court of First Instance in Bahla (Criminal Division) convicting the accused, Omani citizen, of a misdemeanor (theft at night), punishable by the provisions of Article (340/A) of the Penal Code, and a misdemeanor (Theft from an inhabited place), punishable by the text of Article (342/B) of the same law.

 It stipulated in each ruling that, he is punished for the first with one year's imprisonment and a fine of OMR 300, and for the second with three months' imprisonment, provided that the two penalties against him are combined, and the more severe of the two shall be implemented, and he shall be obligated to pay the expenses, with an order to publish the judgment at the expense of the accused.

In the civil case tied to the accused, he is obliging to return the stolen goods to the victims and compensate them, with an order to suspend part of the prison sentence.