Oman's pioneering women cricketers set to feature in international league

Sports Wednesday 24/April/2024 20:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman's pioneering women cricketers set to feature in international league

Muscat: In a groundbreaking moment for Omani cricket, two trailblazing women from Muscat, Fiza Javed and Sameera Khan, are poised to become the nation's first female cricketers to compete in an international league overseas.

Fiza and Sameera, integral members of the national women’s team, are set to make their mark in the second edition of the Malaysian Super Women League, scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur from April 27 to May 5.

Hosted by the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA), the tournament will showcase the talents of five teams: Western Wonder Women’s, Southern Jaguar, Northern Queens, Eastern Lioness, and Central Super Girls.

Oman Cricket's selection of Fiza and Sameera follows their consistent performances in the national and domestic competitions.

National women’s team coach Damith Warusavithana expresses confidence in their ability to shine on the international platform.

Warusavithana said, “It is a tremendous opportunity for our players to showcase their skills on a global stage. The exposure and experience gained from competing alongside players from diverse backgrounds and different countries will undoubtedly bolster their confidence."

The invitation extended by the Malaysian Cricket Association to Oman Cricket underscores the growing recognition of Oman's burgeoning cricketing talent on the global stage.

This year's Malaysian Super Women’s League sees participation from players representing nine countries: Australia, Thailand, Nepal, Kuwait, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Oman, and Bhutan, reflecting the tournament's expanding international footprint.

Fiza, a dynamic 22-year-old all-rounder, known more for her batting prowess, will represent Western Wonder Women’s team.

She said: “This is an opportunity to showcase my skills and compete with some of the best players internationally.”

Excited about the prospect, Fiza added, “I am thrilled to participate in this league. It’s a chance to prove our mettle and demonstrate that Omani cricketers are on par with the best. I extend my gratitude to Oman Cricket for this invaluable opportunity."

Sameera Khan, a talented 19-year-old all-rounder known for her medium-fast bowling, will don the jersey of Southern Jaguars. She views her participation in the league as a platform for learning and growth.

Sameera said, “I am deeply honoured to represent Oman in this tournament. It’s an excellent chance for me to learn from international players and elevate my game. I am committed to giving my best efforts on the field."

Duleep Mendis, Oman Cricket's Chief Development Officer, emphasised the significance of this experience for the players' development.

Mendis said, “Participating in such a competitive league will undoubtedly enhance the skills and confidence of our players. We anticipate their return with invaluable experience, which they can leverage to further excel in their cricketing journey."