Muscat Municipality to build Oman’s tallest flagpole in Al Khuwair

Oman Tuesday 23/April/2024 18:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Municipality to build Oman’s tallest flagpole in Al Khuwair

Muscat: The fluttering of a national flag symbolises a nation’s unity and strength, evoking a profound sense of pride and patriotism among its citizens. This November, Oman’s pride will reach soaring heights when the Sultanate unveils its tallest flagpole, standing majestically at a towering height of 126 metres to grace Oman’s skyline.

Jindal Shadeed has joined hands with Muscat Municipality and Muscat Governorate on this ambitious and prestigious ‘Al Khuwair Square’ project.

The details were revealed on Tuesday where an official agreement was signed between Jindal Shadeed and Muscat Municipality at the Muscat Governorate headquarters in the presence of Sayyid Saud bin Hilal Al Busaidi, Governor of Muscat.

The deal was inked by Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Humaidi, Chairman of Muscat Municipality, and Harssha Shetty, CEO of Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel in Oman, which has completely financed the project. The project spans an area of 18,000 square metres and includes a myriad of recreational amenities.

Alongside the flagpole, the square will feature lush green areas, palm trees, walking and cycling paths, an outdoor venue for arts and crafts exhibition, a skate park and designated areas for sports activities. The project will also provide public amenities and a parking lot with 107 spaces.

Al Humaidi said: “The Al Khuwair Square will be a sanctuary for leisure and outdoor sports enthusiasts, making it a stunning addition to the heart of the capital, Muscat.”

The Muscat Municipality chief “dismissed concerns of traffic congestion” and said: “The Ministries District is busy in the first half and in the evening with the offices closed, it will not create traffic congestion. It is an open area and popular with residents and citizens and in the heart of the city. This will be the new centre of attraction in Muscat.”

The flagpole at Al Khuwair Square will be Oman’s tallest man-made structure, surpassing the height of a 40-story building.
It will be constructed from 135 tons of steel, and the Omani flag adorning the pole will measure 18m in length and 31.5m in width. It will be equipped with a warning light system for aircrafts.

Second tallest in GCC region
The Oman flagpole will be the second tallest in the GCC region with the tallest in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia measuring 171m, which is ranked third in the world.

With 126m, Oman’s structure will be one of the top-15 flagpoles in the world and will be slightly taller than the Abu Dhabi flagpole of 123m, which is of the same height as of Dubai and Sharjah.

The world’s tallest flagpole stands at a height of 210.952m in Cairo.

In his remarks, Al Busaidi lauded the collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors in realising this initiative. He hoped that the flagpole will be ready and the Oman flag would be atop during the country’s 54th National Day celebrations of the Glorious Renaissance this November.

Muscat Municipality chief Al Humaidi said, “What sets this project apart is its exemplary model of cooperation and partnership between the public and private sectors, aligned towards serving the objectives of Oman’s Vision 2040. The Al Khuwair Square project, exemplifies the fruitful collaboration between the Muscat Governorate, represented by Muscat Municipality, and Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel, a leading iron and steel producer in the region and globally. It serves as a pioneering model for synergising efforts in initiatives with multifaceted impacts.”

Jindal Shadeed CEO Shetty said, “We take pride in partnering with the Muscat Governorate to realise this groundbreaking project and erect Oman’s tallest flagpole, inspiring future generations to perpetually strive for progress and success. As an Omani company established 15 years ago, Jindal Shadeed has emerged as one of the region’s largest iron and steel producers, spearheading green industrialisation initiatives in Oman and beyond.

“With this remarkable journey, we present this architectural marvel as a gift to the people and government of Oman, who have tirelessly supported our collective success. On behalf of Venkatesh Jindal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jindal Group in Oman, I congratulate Oman on this pioneering stride towards progress and prosperity.”

Construction on the Al Khuwair Square project has already commenced following the completion of all necessary engineering studies and grant of requisite permits. The project is scheduled for an official inauguration during the National Day celebrations in November.