Nama Water Services organises Beach Cleaning Initiative in A’Seeb in collaboration with Environment Society of Oman

Roundup Wednesday 21/February/2024 12:20 PM
By: Times News Service
Nama Water Services organises Beach Cleaning Initiative in A’Seeb in collaboration with Environment Society of Oman

Muscat: Deepening its commitment to the local community by building on its existing initiatives, Nama Water Services (represented by the Hematkom Team) recently organized a campaign to clean up A’Seeb Beach in cooperation with the Environment Society of Oman.

The campaign drew participation from Nama Water Services, the Environment Society of Oman, students from Schools, and many citizens and residents.

On the importance of the initiative, Taqi Mohammed Al Lawati, Chief Human Resources and Culture Officer at Nama Water Services, noted: “At Nama Water Services, we understand our responsibility to promote and embed community culture within society. We believe that it is an integral part that is no less important than our responsibilities in developing the services provided in the water sector.

He added: "Our inaugural community initiative, the Seeb Beach Cleanup Campaign, brought together the Environment Society of Oman, enthusiastic school students, and dedicated citizens and residents, leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment. We look forward to organizing more community initiatives this year."

He elaborated that these initiatives cultivate a strong volunteer ethic among employees and community members while fostering an environment of meaningful participation and collaboration between companies, civil society organizations, and individuals, enhancing the sense of shared responsibility among different segments of society.

On the participation of school students in the campaign, he added that this initiative ignites a passion for volunteerism in young minds, equipping them with the skills and values to become active citizens. Our students' enthusiasm and commitment towards this campaign has been a driving force behind its progress.”

He concluded by saying: “We extend our sincere gratitude to the Environment Society of Oman for its participation and support, the school administration and students who participated in the campaign, and everyone who contributed to the success of this initiative from the public, private, and community sectors.”

The campaign began at 7:00 am, with participants gathering at A’Seeb Beach to begin the cleaning process and collect waste in designated areas. The campaign covered the beach area in the Wilayat of Seeb, an area frequented by citizens and residents for exercise, recreation, and relaxation.

On the Participation of the Environment Society of Oman, Suad Al Harthy, Executive Director of the society, said: “We are pleased to participate in this environmental initiative, which aligns with the goals of the Environment Society of Oman and our role as one of the civil society organizations that are concerned with the preservation and protection of the environment. We recognize our pivotal role in fostering community awareness about environmental issues. By collaborating on diverse initiatives, we strive to minimize our impact and maximize our contribution to a sustainable future.”

Environment Society of Oman, as the only non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving its resources in the Sultanate, has been building a culture of sustainability for 16 years by educating and empowering communities. For more information about supporting the efforts of the society or to contribute in the initiatives, visit

"We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the organizers of this initiative from Nama Water Services. This initiative sets a commendable example for broader engagement in environmental protection. We invite public and private entities to contribute to safeguarding our environment within the Sultanate of Oman." Suad Al Harthi added.

This collaboration between educational institutions and entities like Nama Water Services cultivates students' understanding and appreciation for volunteerism that transcends organizational boundaries. It reinforces the concept of shared responsibility for community well-being.

Mariam Al Farsi, an employee at Nama Water Services, expressed her deep appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the campaign, she was particularly impressed by the collaborative spirit, seeing students, the Environment Society of Oman, and fellow community members all working together with enthusiasm to clean the beach. She underscored the lasting value of volunteer work, emphasizing that its impact transcends the immediate act and carries deeper dimensions that benefit the community and individuals far into the future.