Reflections on Gaza: An open letter to fellow humans

Opinion Saturday 04/November/2023 19:30 PM
By: Nooh Al Busaidi
Reflections on Gaza: An open letter to fellow humans

Dear Fellow Humans,

In these troubled times, humanity faces a great trial, a test of its collective conscience.

This challenge transcends religious, cultural, and ideological boundaries. It's not about whether you are a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or an atheist.

Rather, it is an individual test of our capacity to discern between justice and injustice, regardless of what the media may portray. The ultimate judge of what is right lies within your own heart.

Let us momentarily set aside discussions of the causes and assigning blame. Instead, let's contemplate whether the senseless loss of innocent lives, including babies, children, and the elderly, is ever justified for economic, political, or security reasons.

Are there not alternative paths to resolve this conflict?

In a world where humanity has achieved remarkable advancements in numerous domains, must we resort to slaughtering one another?

Undoubtedly, there exist myriad approaches to conflict resolution.

However, these solutions often go unheard amidst the clamour of power, a false sense of superiority, and military might. When your vision is clouded, it's challenging to see the path to peace.

Your stance on this matter is a deeply personal one.

But always remember the wisdom of these sayings:

"Speak the truth, and the truth will set you free."

"Those who live by the sword, will perish by the sword." "Treat others as you wish to be treated."
The karma you emit will inevitably return to you, sooner or later.

Now, humanity as a whole faces a choice. You can stand for justice, seek redemption, and purify your soul, or you can align with injustice and bear the eternal burden of your conscience.

Every one of us possesses an inner compass for judgment in our hearts, which never falters - only we can decide whether to acknowledge it or let it go ignored.

In the end, each individual has a choice. Test your humanity; examine your heart. Engage in a conversation with your inner self and seek the path that resonates with the true essence of your being.