Serb spring season starts in Dhofar Governorate

Oman Sunday 24/September/2023 14:42 PM
By: Times News Service
Serb spring season starts in Dhofar Governorate

Muscat: Astronomical spring season began today in Dhofar Governorate, locally called “Serb” and it affects the coastal areas of the governorate specifically from the wilayat of Dhalkut in the west to wilayat of Mirbat in the east. It lasts for three months, ending on December 21 of each year.

The “Serb” season is characterised by bright sunshine, mild weather, low humidity, and calm sea waves, in addition to the splendor of the natural scenery in the mountains, valleys, and plains after the end of the rainy autumn "Khareef" season, the fog dissipating, the air clear, the blooming of flowers, and the blowing of cool breezes.

The "Serb" season represents one of the important economic seasons for farmers, fishermen, and livestock breeders. Due to the seasonal agricultural harvest in the mountainous and plain areas that depend on the autumn seasonal rains, the most important of which are corn, local beans and cucumbers, in addition to the increase in honey production and the availability of large quantities of pelagic and demersal fish with high nutritional value, most notably: charkha, kingfish, and sardines.

The season also witnesses spring grazing (camel herding), which begins annually in late September, when camel owners in the mountains of Dhofar Governorate transport their camels in groups from the plains or areas behind the “cotton” mountains to grazing places that were closed with the beginning of the fall season. Reciting a number of traditional singing arts and poetic verses, accompanied by some ancient social customs.

 The "Serb" season is full of green pastures for livestock in the plains, plateaus and mountains. This contributes to increasing the production of meat, dairy products, and their derivatives, such as: “Qattamim” butter and “Mashah” local ghee. The Dhofar Mountains are among the tourist destinations that receive great demand from visitors and tourists during the Serb season in Dhofar Governorate. Due to its picturesque nature, moderate atmosphere, wide expansive plains, and the spread of trees, which citizens and residents come to seek shade and spend beautiful times among the bosom of lush nature.