Technology meets Architecture at IDC

Business Interviews Thursday 21/September/2023 18:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Technology meets Architecture at IDC
Sultan Hassan Al Zadjali, CEO, Image Design Consultants LLC

Gulf Leaders Circle, Muscat Media Group’s GCC-wide business networking platform, interviewed Sultan Hassan Al Zadjali, CEO, Image Design Consultants LLC. Sultan Hassan Khamis Al Zadjali is the current second-generation CEO of Image Design Consultants LLC with degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning and holds an educational background from both Germany & Switzerland.  His experience consists of many projects encompassing the principles of empowering communities through design. He won the Global Schiner Awards of 2017 for an Urban Design Project in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it was noted by jurors that his project was considered the most beautiful submission with a strong focus on strategically empowering SMEs as well as social empowerment. As of 2023, Sultan leads IDC into the next phase of its evolution by using the latest technologies available in the field today. He spoke to GLC about how his firm has adapted to the changing needs of the market.

As the CEO of Image Design Consultants LLC and a second-generation architect in the company’s lineage, you have seen its growth over the years. How has Image Design Consultants LLC evolved since its founding in 1997, and what significant shifts have you observed in the architectural and design landscape during this time?

Sultan Hassan Al Zadjali: Image Design Consultants has always embraced technology since its inception. We started the business with hand-drawn sketches and manual drafting of floor plans.

IDC’s journey has been one of continuous technological adoption. In its early days, we meticulously crafted blueprints by hand. That was our modus operandi. However, with the advent of AutoCAD, we ventured into creating artistic renditions and eventually progressed to producing 3D renders. Currently, we are even utilizing real-time ray tracing technology, and our repertoire extends to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and automation. Our growth has been nothing short of remarkable, keeping pace with the rapid advancements in technology within our field. While quantifying it precisely might be challenging, the rate of development has been substantial.

This, actually, reminds me of one of my esteemed teachers, who I am quite fond of, at the German University of Technology, who was around 80 years old at the time. He used the latest Mac computers, which left me somewhat astonished. I asked him how he managed to embrace such advanced technology at his age. His response has stuck with me ever since. He said, “If I don’t embrace technology now, I will be left behind.” This resonated deeply with me and remains a driving force.

I am passionate about staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that I, and by extension, our company, never fall behind in adopting cutting-edge technology. In hindsight, I realize that this proactive approach to technology was something my father subconsciously instilled in our company’s ethos. He too consistently embraced technological advancements. It was only when I connected the dots that I recognized this pattern.

Furthermore, there has been a profound and highly significant shift in our field, marked by an influx of fresh talent introducing innovative ideas and perspectives. Coupled with our new leadership, His Majesty has undeniably elevated Oman to unprecedented heights. Our nation is now widely recognized as the land of boundless opportunity and growth.

Leading through a generational transition, from your father’s leadership to your own, comes with unique challenges. How did you manage this transition and maintain the company’s core values while bringing your own vision to the role of CEO?

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