23 countries participate in ‘Taster Run’ ahead of The Himam Trail Run Race

Lifestyle Tuesday 22/August/2023 08:00 AM
By: Times News Service
23 countries participate in ‘Taster Run’ ahead of The Himam Trail Run Race

The Himam Trail Run Race  wrapped up an exciting event that  was held as part of the Al Dhakhiliya Governorate festival, the Al  Jabal Al Akhdar Festival. A field  of 345 runners from 23 countries  participated in the event, infusing  an electrifying vibrancy into the  festivals.

Dubbed as the 'Taster  Run' ahead of the main Himam  Trail Run Race in November, the  event consisted of two races both  for adults and kids, allowing all  segment of the community to take  part. The 10-kilometre race for  adults commenced from the Amir  of Qatar castle, nestled above the  village of Sayq.

The route led participants to a mountain trail meandering through Al-Shareija's farms  and culminating at the charming  village. Continuing through a falaj  path, the trail ascended to the village of Al-Ain, subsequently reaching Al Aqr village. Participants embraced a competitive spirit as they  navigated a dirt path to Dusit2  resort, triumphantly crossing the  finish line close by.

In the 10km Race, Abdullah  Al Quraini (Oman) secured the  first place with a time of 51:04,  followed by Mohsen Al Hatmi  (Oman) in second place at 52:13,  and Amjad Al Jamoudi (Oman) in  third with a time of 52:48. In the  female category, Ruth Sebastian  Alonso (Spain) claimed the top  spot, clocking in at 1:23:15, followed by Rahela Abdolamir (Yemen) at 1:28:27, and Natalia Rozario  (UK) at 1:29: 07.

The second race covered a  4-kilometer distance, inviting  children to embark on an adventure from Hail Al-Yaman. As nature embraced the trail, participants culminated their journey  amidst an exuberant crowd at the  park, where cheers echoed in celebration of their achievements.

The closing ceremony also  served as a moment of homage to  veteran champions hailing from Al  Jabal Al Akhdar, who have etched  their legacy in mountain running.

Khaseef Al Zakwani, Ali Al Falahi,  and Zaki Al Jamoudi were honored for their profound contributions in the design and making of  traditional and new trails.

Beyond showcasing athleticism, the 'Taster Run' captured  the essence of camaraderie, unity,  and shared passion, uniting runners from diverse corners of the  globe. As anticipation builds, the  Himam Trail Run Race eagerly  awaits participants for its main course

event in November 23-25, inviting all to embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration amidst  the awe-inspiring panorama of the Al  Hajar Mountains.