Bank Muscat Oryx Fund delivers highest return to investors amongst Mena fund peers

Business Tuesday 27/December/2022 15:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Bank Muscat Oryx Fund delivers highest return to investors amongst Mena fund peers

Muscat: Bank Muscat Oryx Fund has once again been recognised as the best-performing Mena equity fund by the reputed CityWire® rankings.

These rankings are based on the returns generated by the fund for its investors against 20 other funds focusing on the Mena region during the 1 year that ended on October 31, 2022. The Oryx fund has delivered a 13.3 per cent return for the one year that ended October 31, 2022, as against are turn of 0.1 per cent by the S&P GCC index during the same period.

Delivering double-digit returns is a remarkable achievement by Oryx Fund considering the challenging investment environment during 2022. Consistency has been the hallmark of Bank Muscat Oryx fund in absolute as well as relative performance, across time periods, through its long track record spanning 28 years.

In addition to the attractive returns, the fund has also been consistently rewarding its investors with regular income distributions (through dividends) for the past 28 years. In 2022, the fund has distributed a dividend of 66 baisas per unit, thus maintaining its consistent and growing income distribution track record since 2016.

On the back of the robust track record, the fund has witnessed significant inflows over the years, making it the largest open-ended equity fund in Oman and one of the largest open-ended equity funds in the GCC region.

Bank Muscat Oryx Fund has won several accolades for generating wealth for its investors and significant outperformance compared to peers. Many times, it has been top-rated by various renowned global fund reviewers such as Lipper, Mena Fund Manager and Emerging Market Finance.

Oryx Fund represents an attractive investment proposition for long-term investors. The fund’s strategy to follow a bottom-up approach that is focused on the selection of quality stocks has been proven over various market cycles and time periods. The fund management team’s insights in the GCC region, quality of research across industries and sectors and knowledge of investee companies’ performance and future direction are the key factors that have enabled the fund to provide consistent and stable long-term returns to the investors.

The Oryx Fund is an open-ended fund regulated by the Capital Market Authority, Oman. The fund offers daily liquidity, providing flexibility to invest or redeem on any business day. Investors can subscribe to the fund with a minimum subscription amount as low as OMR50. Investors may also choose to invest every month by subscribing to Systematic Investment Plan Option. The fund’s NAV is published daily on the Bank Muscat website and the Muscat Stock Exchange website so that investors can track the value of their investments daily. Interested investors may contact the fund’s Investor Servicing Desk at 24768064 or through email at [email protected] to understand the process to subscribe to the fund.

Please refer to the prospectus of Bank Muscat Oryx Fund to understand the risks involved and other details related to the investment in this fund. The prospectus of the fund is available on www.bankmuscat.com.

Bank Muscat’s Asset Management business has a proven track record of successful operations for almost 29 years and is today the largest asset manager in Oman and one of the leading asset managers in the GCC region, with approximately $2.5 billion of AUM. It offers tailored investment solutions across asset classes including equity, fixed income, real estate and private equity investments.