Commemorating World Diabetes Day

T-Mag Tuesday 15/November/2022 21:20 PM
Commemorating World Diabetes Day

Every year on November 14, people globally commemorate World Diabetes Day to raise awareness of the risks diabetes poses to their health and how to prevent them. On this day, two brilliant scientists, Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best are recognised for their significant contribution to the discovery of insulin.
The main purpose of World Diabetes Day, however, is not to reflect on the past but to increase public knowledge of the dangers of diabetes, the problems that currently exist, and the best ways to solve them to provide advanced care that is sustainable.

   World Diabetes Day 2022: Date and history
   To raise awareness of the chronic disease's implications, World Diabetes Day is observed annually on November 14. With the support of the World Health Organization, the International Diabetes Federation established the day in 1991, and in 2006, it was recognised as a United Nations holiday.
 World Diabetes Day 2022: Theme
 The theme of World Diabetes Day between the years 2021 and 2023 is a really important topic - "Access to Diabetes Care."
World Diabetes Day 2022: Significance

The primary goal of this day is to increase global diabetes awareness through campaigns that are seen by more than 1 billion people. Additionally, it supports IDF advocacy initiatives all year long. It aids in recognising the significance of taking coordinated action to combat diabetes.
 The blue circle logo for World Diabetes Day was adopted in 2007 by a UN Resolution. The diabetes community worldwide is united by this logo, which serves as a symbol of diabetes awareness. (ANI)